Top Frozen Yogurt Companies

When it comes to the food business, there are plenty of options. Many people, however, prefer to get a franchise to start or grow a business. There are many options for food franchises, and with the healthy eating trend going around, Frozen Yogurt Companies have grown tremendously in popularity over the past decade.

Not only is it delicious but also relatively healthier than traditional ice cream and with its self-serve model and their unique flavors, many Frozen Yogurt Companies have become extremely sought after. Some of the most popular ones are:

Red Mango

This is quite a popular franchise with its focus on lack of preservative and artificial flavoring, which is ideal for health-conscious consumers. While most frozen yogurt franchises operate in one type of location, Red Mango operates in three. It also includes full services and kiosks.


This frozen yogurt franchise has been in operation since 1981 and has peaked its performance in the 1990s and still owns one of the largest percent of the frozen yogurt market share.


This is one of the most recognizable Frozen Yogurt Companies. Not only is it located in different regions of the world, but in the US alone it is available in 150 different locations. They pride themselves on using only fresh ingredients, such as real milk or yogurt and freshly cut fruits daily.


This frozen yogurt franchise utilizes a self-service model which helps not only to keep their costs low but also to streamline their operations. This brand has been around since 2007 and has gained popularity over the years. They offer a wide variety of frozen yogurts which include non-fat, low carb, gluten free, no sugar added, dairy-free and vegan options.  They have more than 300 locations in the US alone and quite a few internationally as well.

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