Perfect Gifts for Football Season - Beer Gift Baskets

It’s pretty much a fact that men love beer and football. What better gift than combining the two? A Football theme gift basket will make for the perfect beer gifts for him.

So what’s the first key step to putting together a football themed gift basket? Make sure you know the person’s favorite team! This article will proceed under the assumption that you know the team that you should base your gift basket around.

You may want to order items from their city to further personalize the basket. Keep in mind while this article is about football, the information applies to any sport! Here are some tips for making the perfect beer gift for him: football themed beer gift baskets.

Collection of local beers from their favorite’s team city

A quick Google search will help you find some local beer options from any team’s state or city. This is a great addition to a beer gift basket and it easily creates an interesting theme for the beer basket.

Keep in mind you may have to order in advance in order to get the beer in time for when you need the basket!

Make sure to include…

Team accessories

The more team themed accessories you put the better your gift will be. Try and find small little items that are branded by the person’s favorite team. Look for mini footballs, t-shirts, piggy banks, sunglasses or cups.

Some teams even have serious accessories like toasters or coffee makers. Try and get something creative that will stand out.

Use a unique container

Using a container that’s related to the person’s favorite team will add a personal and exciting touch to the basket. Not only can you hold all the items you choose to include in your gift basket, the recipient can use the container later on.

As per Kartikeya Sharma, here are some container options. Let the person you’re giving it to know they can be used for serving popcorn, holding beer or as an ice bucket.

Custom Gift Baskets

The more team-themed items you can get the better your basket will be. A lot of sports fans love to show off their team’s merchandise, even if it’s a small ball or t-shirt. Try and customize your basket as much as possible to the person’s team.

A simply 12 pack a beer can make for great beer gifts basket if you include the proper team items. Follow theses tips if you’re trying to find the perfect beer gift for him. You may also want to know more about custom gift baskets, which will give you an insight into how to create a custom basket that suits the theme and your requirement.

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