Wedding Dress Tips for Older Women

Let’s face it. Choosing the right wedding dress is a completely different task for older women than it is for their younger counterparts.

However, that doesn’t mean you may have to settle for something that’s any less appealing as a wedding dress. To help you choose the best wedding dress for an older woman, here are a few simple things worth keeping in mind.

Functionality over style

While we in no way mean you should look any less beautiful or even stylish for that matter than a younger bride would, but then you need to understand that some things are going to be different for older women.

And one of them is going to be the style choices. Instead of going for something unusual and risking raising eyebrows at such a significant event of your life, you may want to consider something that’s more about functionality than style and still allows you to look beautiful.

Sleeves may work better than you think

When it comes to wedding dresses for older women, the sleeved ones often turn out to be a considerably better choice than the sleeveless ones. We understand more and younger brides seem to be opting for the latter lately, but as an older bride, you will likely be served better by the sleeved ones.

It would help you hide the not-so-beautiful details of your arms and make you look more gracious.

Don’t let the low necklines fool you

They may all the rage among younger brides, but they are usually a certain no for older women. This is because a wedding dress with a lower neckline may often reveal more skin than you would like as an older bride.

A higher neckline, on the other hand, will help you sport that royal look and feel which is often associated with some of the most beautiful older brides.


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